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Music ProductionsMany eager musicians contact me on a daily basis asking me questions about how to become a music producer and make thousands from their beats. The very first thing I tell them to do is learn a musical instrument properly. If they don’t want to, I tell them to learn how to sing. Or learn how to dj.

Learning how to sing better, or learning how to play the piano or guitar is one of the best ways to propel your music career and creativity as a music producer.


If you’re going to go to school for audio engineering, that’s probably a great idea! You should always try to step up your game… But if you’re going just to make your first dollar, it’s a seriously dumb idea.

Being a music producer is a hard road. And the best way to make it easier is to learn how to play music properly.

Singing Lessons

Learning how to sing better is definitely worth it for anyone involved with music, and even for those who are not involved in music on a professional level. Check out these awesome singing programs before you decide which one you want to learn, though.

Online Singing LessonsFirstly, we come down to one of the most beautiful, powerful and impactful instruments known to humanity from the beginning of time – the voice.

Learning how to sing is just a great thing to do all around. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a professional singer, learning how to sing better and improve your voice will help immensely in life. Whether you want to serenade a significant other, improve your mental health or just improve your ability to make music singing lessons online are a great way to go.

You don’t have to worry about “not having a singing voice.” Even if you think your voice sucks the proper online vocal training will help you improve the quality and control of your voice. And you’ll be able to sing better than someone who has natural talent, but hasn’t taken any singing lessons.

Piano Lessons

Playing the PianoIf you’re interested in learning a versatile instrument that many people love to hear and find such joy in playing, the piano is your best bet.

You start by learning basic music theory and then notes, scales and chords. There are a number of hugely impactful and great piano lessons on the internet, but it can be hard to choose just which one you should take to become a piano player that’s also a music producer.

Check out some of the piano and keyboard tutorials featured on this site and make a decision on which is best for you. There are many different ones out there, but they’re not all the greatest.

Guitar Lessons

Playing the GuitarThe same thing goes for guitar lessons. It may be true that guitar lessons are actually more popular than piano lessons, but it’s a much more difficult instrument to pick up and learn. You need much more finger dexterity than some other instruments and have to build up finger strength.

But the great thing about learning how to play the guitar with online guitar lessons is that you can actually transfer those skills over to other instruments (just like you can with the piano). The one advantage the guitar training process has over piano is that it’s much easier to play other stringed instruments once you already know the guitar.

If you’re looking for a great online guitar lesson Deviant Noise will definitely help you choose what’s best for you. Check out their recommendations of top online guitar lessons in 2017.


How to Make Money from Your Music

The other answer I always give them is simple… It’s a lot easier than you might think! Selling beats does not require any degree or schooling, so don’t stop yourself short of trying because you’re afraid to dedicate your life to it.

That’s why I always recommend they take online guitar lessons, online piano lessons or online singing lessons before even going to something like audio production/engineering school.

You need to think about how to sell beats online. This is going to be the easiest and most understandable route for you to take.

With production websites like MySpace, Forums and Soundclick, it’s no wonder why more and more beat makers are moving to the net. Using these sites, you can get your beats in front of rappers of all kinds internationally. You can even sell directly to them!

Now, remember that almost every beat maker alive is trying to sell their beats to Eminem or Dr. Dre, so going for the big shots is so highly competitive it’s almost impossible. Instead, think about selling your
beats to rappers who hardly have any cash in their pockets.

This takes advantage of Leasing beats instead of selling Exclusive Rights. Many producers allow the buyer to sell a measly few thousand copies of their album using the producer’s beats. For this service the producer may charge only $25-$50 per beat.

Sure, selling your beats to Birdman for $40,000 each might sound more enticing, but it’s a lot less
realistic and the competition is much higher.

What if you sold your beats for those smaller numbers, $25-$50 each? You could sell them to low budget artists (who need the music just as badly) and you could re-sell them over and over again, never giving away Exclusives. This is bar none the BEST way to make money as a producer! Rappers like this are everywhere and they’re DESPERATE to find great beats!