How to Choose the Best DJ Mixer and Get Value for Your Money

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A lot of DJ’s are making it big right now, doing what they love to do while earning some good money along the way. If you want to become a good DJ, then you will need to have the right equipment. No one is going to want to hire you if you keep using outdated and substandard mixers. If you really want to get the crowd in the palm of your hand and have them dance to some of your wicked creations, then you should use only the best mixer that money can buy. In this article we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the best DJ mixer and get some value for your buck.

Having an understanding of the different features of a good mixer will help you make a better decision later on. If you want to learn more about choosing the best dj mixer visit Here are some important features that you should take into consideration:

Number of Channels

This one determines the number of sound sources that you will be able to mix. The minimum required is two channels, one for each deck that you have. Don’t go for a mixer that has only one channel because it really won’t help you out much.

Number of Inputs

Many mixers have two channels, but four inputs. You are probably wondering how on earth this is even possible. The answer is quite simple: every channel on the mixer has its own switch which tells it which input to get a signal from. This means that even if you have a turntable and a CD deck on either side of your mixer, it is possible for you to switch between them whenever it is needed. However, you will not be able to mix more than two decks at the same time.

Some mixers also have a mic input which allows you hook up a microphone to them. It is a fun feature to have, but not exactly an essential one. It is best to avoid mixers with mic inputs if you have no intention of using a microphone while mixing your beats.

Level Meters

You see that LED strip that seems to bounce back and forth together with the beat of your track? That is what is known as the level meter. A good mixer should have a level meter for its main output. Having separate level meters for each one of your channels is also great.

Now that you are familiar with some of the important features that you need to look for in your mixer, let us now proceed to some models that are worth considering. You can get an entry level mixer for no more than $200 in the form of American Audio Q-D5 MKII. This baby has some XLR outputs and an optical crossfader – both of which are perfect for DJ’s who are just starting out. It is also quite durable as well.

If you have some money to burn and don’t mind spending in the 4-digit range, then one mixer that will be worth your dollar is the Pioneer DJM-2000, which comes in at a whopping $2,500. Despite its heavy price tag, it is one of the best mixers available out there, and you will basically be getting what you are paying for.
DJ’s who are just starting out don’t necessarily need to purchase expensive mixers, so you can simply stick with entry level ones for the time being.

Once you start getting your name across and rack up some dough, then that is when you should go for the higher level mixers in the market. If you’ve chosen your mixer board, then the next thing you want to choose is a solid set of dj turntables like these ones and also pick up the best dj headphones listed here. After that your dj setup is almost complete!