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Hip-hop music is a category of hip-hop culture that came about as a part of it. Rapping, sampling, Djing, scratching and beatboxing are the characteristics of this music. This music was originated from the South Bronx of the New York City in the 1970s. Although rapping is always considered to be synonymous with hip-hop actually it is a part of a subculture. Keith Cowboy is given the credit for creating the beats. He used to be a rapper with bands like Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. The people used to know this as the disco rap, but Keith Cowboy, Lovebug Starski, and DJ Hollywood used the term, hip hop.

It is believed that the term hip-hop beats came about when Keith was teasing a friend of his who has just joined the U.S. Army in order to imitate the rhythmic cadence of the marching of the soldiers. And therefore, the term was later on used in the musical performances by Keith and by Sugarhill Gang in the Rapper’s Delight. To make this genre of music popular, the artists solely relied on their skills and talent and initially developed it as a category of music that was all about the rhythm and the beats. Check out the Deviant Noise BeatStars Pro Page.

For the hip-hoppers making the beats is the most difficult task to do in a song. These beats should be the one that need not stick to a particular genre of music. Any sound around you can be made a beat; the only thing is to identify that beat and edit them like in a track and re-play by track adding or mixing sound through different instrumentals. For making a hip-hop song you need good hip hop instrumentals, and you need to be innovative with your beats and apply your thoughts and have to be creative as well. Things were changed dramatically when music instrumentals were introduced which revolutionized the entire category of music. This triggered the use of modern music instrumentals in this category of music.

In fact, this music has witnessed a sea change in the recent times, the use of these beats in combination with the instrumentals have attracted a lot of new fans. The new generations are in love with this blend of beats and instruments making melody together. Old fans are also excited to get something new beats and instrumentals.